After many years of incredible dedication to the sport, Betty Petersen has decided to step-down as scheduling coordinator and media manager.  She deserves many thanks for her hours spent behind the scenes making all of this possible for everyone. Nancy Adams will be serving as Betty’s replacement. During this transition, we appreciate your patience as we move into a new process.

As such, there will be a few modifications made to the registration and membership processes moving forward. That will be described in a later email to the members. In the meantime, Fall League registration does not require you to be logged-in to your member account.

The OWT/NELCTA Agreement:

  • OWT will remain in charge of OWT finances with its own bookkeeper and signers without CTA access
  • OWT will manage OWT leagues
  • OWT board will become a committee with chair serving on NELCTA committee with voting rights
  • OWT members do not have to be USTA members
  • There will be no change in league fees
  • OWT was never set up as a legal organization: no tax filing or reporting has ever transpired
  • NELCTA is a 501c(3) and reports accordingly to the IRS
  • OWT has never been required to carry liability insurance for court usage until September 2015 league. Therefore, under the NELCTA umbrella, this issue has been resolved and will be under their coverage at no cost to OWT.
  • This was a unanimous decision by both boards comprised of 16 NELCTA members (14 of which are OWT members) and 8 members of the former OWT board.

Ouachita Women’s Tennis is an organization for women age 19 and above who are interested in playing in an organized tennis league.  There are three scheduled leagues each year – spring league (max 10 weeks), summer league (8 weeks), and fall league (max 10 weeks.)  One match is scheduled each week.  Night doubles league is played on Tuesday night and day doubles league is played on Thursday morning.  Singles league matches are scheduled by the two players assigned to play together on a given week.

Before the beginning of each league, members are notified via e-mail to sign up for league and pay the fees associated with each league.  In doubles, members sign up with a partner.  If members don’t have a partner, they can sign up to sub in the league.  If a player needs a sub, they will call someone on the sub list to take their place for a match.

Before the start of a given league, players will be notified when and where the first match is to be played and how to obtain the league schedule.