PLEASE  take time to check your NIGHT DOUBLES schedules.  Some court assignments have been changed due to the fences at ULM back courts not being up.

All NIGHT DOUBLES schedules have been changed.


The MAC is hosting The 24th Annual Crawfish Classic Tennis Tournament. Entry forms can be obtained from the MAC and players can enter via email or telephone. The Little MAC will be open for players needing day care.

Date: 11th, 12th, 13th of April

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, the 9th of April

Events: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Cost: $50 (1 event), $60 (2 events), $70 (3 events)

Contact: Joel McGregor 318 387 2352 ext 206




Ouachita Women’s Tennis Association is an organization for women age 19 and above who are interested in playing in an organized tennis league.  There are three scheduled leagues each year – Spring League (10 weeks), Summer League (8 weeks), and Fall League (10 weeks.)  One match is scheduled each week.  Night Doubles League is played on Tuesday night and Day Doubles League is played on Thursday morning.  Singles League matches are scheduled by the two players assigned to play together on a given week.

Before the beginning of each league members are notified via e-mail to sign up for league and pay the fees associated with each league.  In doubles, members sign up with a partner.  If members don’t have a partner, they can sign up to sub in the league.  If a player needs a sub, they will call someone on the sub list to take their place for a match.

Before the start of a given league, players will be notified when and where the first match is to be played and how to obtain the league schedule.